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There were a couple of "boys" looking for "mommies". There was a lady looking for a guy to play her step-son. I opened the email and to my surprise was a picture I have never seen of my mother. " "Did you have your son that that picture" I posed. It almost looked as though she was groping her breasts. Time to go wake him up and beat the crap out of him! She was looking down toward the bed and the top of the nightie was being held up by her hands just above her nipples. I couldn't believe my best friend took pics of my mom. Looking at naked ladies is always a fun way to kill time and it was getting to me. " I was about to go wake up Tim to show him when a different thought came over me. Maybe I could find out some dirt that I could use next time I got grounded. She's a nice enough lady, but flirting like this, with a total stranger?

She wasn’t ugly, but she's not a model either. It only said he was male, lived in this state, enjoyed biking, swimming and going to the gym.

This time she was raised up on her knees and the straps of the nightie had dropped down.

The picture that arrived from her was even sweeter then before.

We slowly separated ourselves from the conversation and moved on to search the web for porn. They had the spare mattress on the floor in his room for me. Before I knew it I typed in my real age and sent it. I figured that would be the end of things, but again I was surprised. " "Parents aren't home, so I figured I'd stay up a little late".

I told him I would be in a little bit, just wanted to check out a couple more sites.

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