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Contrary to what people assume, not all men are commitment-phobic.They just don't want their lives decided by someone else, and hence, women who are too anxious or worried about their future come across as a big turn-off.Tradition and the 'Dating Rule Book' says men should pay on the first date.However, this theory is not favored by today's men.This also refers to women who criticize men for everything, and also influence other women to act against them.Most men appreciate gender equality, but pointing out 100 different reasons that show why women are better than men is certainly a big turn-off, and is just going to scare him away.A first date is an exciting concept for both men and women.

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If you are not comfortable with something, then let him know.

Let me put it in simple English - it is a deal-breaker.

Poor hygiene is not just a big NO for men, but also for women.

Be respectful while saying so, and choose appropriate words while talking to your date.

In a nutshell, be honest and don't pretend to be someone you're actually not.

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    OK, Ladies, you want the honest, real, unvarnished truth about what a commitment minded, nice, cute, professional, divorced 54-year-old man really wants from you? As a guy she’s been a tremendous help in terms of understanding and relating to women in the 50 age group.

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