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They have created such a go around on the web, by mixing all different web sites that, prevents people to pin them down but one thing is for sure, these crooks have hundreds of accomplices in U. that are scamming people of their hard earned money.

I have already reported this scam or fraud to NFIC, FTC, DEA, and FCC, which is a consumer fraud department in FBI.

So, they would rather change their domain name to something else, like any other crook web site does each year.

To make the story short I ordered some medication but it never arrived and after calling them at 1 (443) 844-3434, which is a cell phone They gave me an email address, ” to check for my order status, which does not exist.

Also, the cloak of anonymity online poses a lot of problems.

You can’t really trust anyone, and it can prove to be extremely dangerous if you happen to meet an impostor on your first date.

Our experts have helped people with thousands of relationship issues and seen the results.

Many of the experts here have their own relationship coaching practice.

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We connect you with one of our experts in a private 1:1 chat.

Please note that, the above pharmacies have the same contact number for their customer service which is, 1 (443) 844-3434. Also they use 210-888-9089 that appears to be accomplices or front for these crooks.

Their IP address: is 1.11 and the IP location is in Moscow, Russia. The name of the domain will expire , which I am sure they will not renew after that day because, more people will comment about their fraud on the Internet.

Others have advanced degrees in psychology and related fields.

Many have a history of giving excellent advice in various dating communities.

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