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After you get the SMS Advanced Client GUID value, execute the msiexec /x command at command prompt.

After you execute the Msiexec /x on the machine, you may need to manually remove the VPCache folder for SMS Advanced Client.

We had meet one scenario from one of the customer, we are trying to remove SMS Advanced Client from one of the Windows XP machine using Ccmclean tool (Ccmclean tool can be found in SMS toolkit).

But unfortunately, it failed to remove the client by using Ccmclean.

BIG, BB King, Buddy Guy, George Benson, Richie Kotzen….

The whole gamut.: Well, I soon realized during my time with Rivermaya that I won’t be able to do everything I wanted to do musically with them.

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His musical exploits include being the original guitarist of Rivermaya, forming power trio Triaxis, sideman to late Pinoy rap artist Francis M. Now living in southern California, Perf De Castro is strumming nylon more than he is riding the lightning with his electric axes. I took classical guitar lessons from 3R’s Yamaha School of Music when I was 13.

Although this method need to spend more time to complete it, but it is a alternative for you to remove the SMS Advanced Client from the machine, no harm to have a try.

:)P/S: Please use Registry Editor with extra careful, or else it may crash your system.

However, my electric guitar chops were mostly acquired through a lot of self-research and experience.

yr High School, the music teacher challenged the whole class at the start of the school year to learn at least 1 musical instrument by the end of the year.

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