Wildest dating show moments 2

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We were always supposed to relate to sidekick Sid over the manipulative Tony and aspirational girlfriend Michelle, but there was something about his unwitting love for Hannah Murray’s ditzy anorexic that gave us a glimpse at the real show through the sex and drugs so over-exposed in the ads, posters, and reviews.

The couple we learnt to root for in the first generation, this is where Sid and Cassie first struck up a connection.

After a year away, left on an uncertain note no less, series four came back with a literal bang, as we see new girl Sophia walking through a club before launching herself from the top floor.

Yes, it's ridiculous, but redeemed in this scene, when the frustrations of the young and ignored are channelled through Cook's violent outburst. Good parenting prevails (6x04 Franky) Good parents are the exception, rather than the rule, on , and Franky might have had the only full set of model guardians of the six year run.world, and even when characters like Pandora turned up, their inexperience was played for laughs.Not so with Mini, though, as the loss of her virginity to expectant boyfriend Nick was granted an entire episode.Bear in mind, however, if you haven't seen until the end of series six, many spoilers lie ahead... “Welcome to our world” (5x01 Franky) After series four’s dark cloud of despair had dissipated along with its cast, the third generation looked a helluva lot brighter.This was set in Bristol, and this low-key moment in the first episode clarified their new mission statement.

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