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Not all Black Christians go into freak-out mode when they meet someone who doesn’t hail a cross but they’re not really the norm.

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He knew about my religion – I make it a point to get that out of the way first so any reactions, whether good or bad, can be had and I get a glimpse of what my future will be like.Usually when I mention that I’m Pagan (or God/dess forbid, I tell them I’m a Witch), I can usually bet a good sum that I will be asked within ten minutes or less if I am a devil-worshiper and despite even my best explanations, word will spread like wildfire that a Satanist is in the midst.This is not to say that Black Christianity is not charming, there are definitely some very beautiful aspects to the interpretation of the religion but Black Christians tend to be pretty good at foaming at the mouth when met with something radically different from what they were raised and told.Like many other online groups, experienced members are often helpful to newbies when the new members express genuine interest and respect for the group.It's one thing for a teen whose parents are supportive of Wicca (they may be Wiccans themselves), but it can be very difficult for a teenager who doesn't have adult support. Some parents may be outright hostile and believe that witchcraft is akin to devil worship.

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