Who is warwick davis dating

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I think you develop a certain empathy when you've been through what we have. If anything we became stronger as a couple.' It took them years to try for another baby and when they did tragedy came on top of tragedy.

George was stillborn at 19 weeks, then Sam had a miscarriage.

Both children have already taken their first steps in the acting profession (as goblins in Harry Potter) and the family is frequently pictured on red carpets.

What they haven't done, so far, is let the TV cameras into their private life - quite deliberately so, says Warwick.

The pregnancy that resulted in Annabelle was 'terrifying'. 'I always said I wanted one tall child and one with achondroplasia, like me.

The kids now say, “You're outvoted Mum.' Actually they call me the tall one (she's 4ft 1in).'Annabelle and Harrison are both bright kids who are a joy to watch on screen.

I think sometimes people think little people like us are restricted.He has also appeared in most of the Harry Potter films, playing various characters.Just prior to his appearance on Doctor Who, Davis, an occasional collaborator with Ricky Gervais, co-starred in the final season of the comedy travelogue programme An Idiot Abroad.In the supermarket I sometimes ask people to pass me items that are up high and then they get all apologetic and say, “I didn't know whether to ask if you needed help.” I say, “Ask away!” I'd never be offended by that.' Sam and Warwick met in their teens when he worked with her father, who's also a dwarf and in the acting industry.

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