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SCP-107 should only be returned once precipitation has ceased completely and any abnormal plant growth has been neutralized or contained for further study.

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10 ml of water resulted in just under half an hour of light drizzle, whereas filling to around the three-quarter mark set off two days of torrential rain.

Precipitation generated by SCP-107 has varying effects on plant matter, although these effects are only seen in plants grown within the effect zone – watering other plants with collected liquid causes no abnormal reaction (see experimental log, Addendum 107-2).

Addendum 107-1: SCP-107 was discovered by an archaeologist, Prof.

Should SCP-107 become active while within Site-19, two Class-D personnel are to remove it from the site via one of the item transport trucks in Loading Bay-02.

This procedure must be followed regardless of the substance that activated SCP-107, given the unpredictable nature of the item's effect on plant matter.

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