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Being sick and watching tennis, not so much.” It was a reminder that Sharapova has a peculiar relationship to the sport she has been at or near the top of since winning Wimbledon at seventeen—and that made her the highest-paid female athlete in the world for eleven years in a row.Curled up on an enormous modern gray sofa wearing no makeup, hair pulled back in a loose knot, Sharapova comes across not as the ferociously competitive Russian tennis player that she is but more as a California girl who does a lot of yoga.

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When I ask her if she thinks a cloud of suspicion might linger around her for the rest of her tennis career, she is at first defensive.The ITF sent out emails that included a link to the updated list of banned substances, which both Maria and her longtime agent, Max Eisenbud, admit they failed to read thoroughly.“I had been taking it for ten years,” she says, “and for about seven of those years I had gotten a written certificate from a WADA-accredited lab that all the substances I was taking were totally fine for me to take.I just became completely comfortable that they were fine.That’s the mistake I made: being too comfortable.”For his part, Annacone feels Sharapova was treated fairly. I don’t know exactly the chronology of events in her personal situation, but I do know a bit about the rule, and it seems like the biggest mistake was that she didn’t put this substance on her report. You’re supposed to let people know what you’re taking.” (For the record, the Court of Arbitration for Sport [CAS] ruled that Sharapova did not hide her intake of meldonium and that the ITF and WADA had inadequately notified athletes of the change.)Looking back now, Sharapova says the real punishment “was the trial process,” those agonizing months of defending herself in court.

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