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He went to a number of rough schools, where he got beat up a bit, his lunch money stolen.

“I’m not saying I’m 50 Cent,” he explains, “but I had a bohemian background.” During the summer he would visit his mother in New York, drinking in the sights and sounds of the downtown theatre scene.

[1999 Quote]: I'd like to be an action hero, but I don't think they'd ever make me that type of leading man. If they put me in Speed 3, two days later they'd go, "Yep, we're gonna have to fire him now. Christopher Walken, who has acted opposite Rockwell twice, in Seven Psychopaths and Mc Donagh’s 2010 stage play A Behanding in Spokane, first noticed Rockwell in Woody Allen’s Celebrity. By the time he was 10, Rockwell had seen his first bare breast, played Rick in a stage production of Casablanca, and seen adults get high.“He didn’t have a huge part but he was instantly noticeable,” Walken once told me. He had that playful quality that all great actors have, like watching a kid make things up.” That Rockwell and Walken have now become friends should surprise nobody. “There’s a strangeness that comes from that,” says Rockwell.You can’t teach that.” Add Seven Psychopaths to Rockwell’s island of misfit toys.A darkly comic shaggy-dog riff on movie psychos, real-life psychos, and the impossibility of telling the two apart, it features much Tarantino-esque bloodshed and a plot that turns on a kidnapped shih-tzu.

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