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Water trickles from its fountain and a blackbird takes flight from atop a pair of ornamental garden boots.

"It was working well till yesterday – when the pump broke." The turnover of gardeners is high.

More complicated were the practical aspects of the project. But, by 2007, a series of raised beds had been built, tarmac had been replaced by gravel, and trellis had been fixed to the wall.

"Getting things into prisons is not easy," says Knight. Knight has nothing but praise for the team at Dartmoor.

"I remember these two circular areas of lawn that appeared rather provocative when looked down upon from the prison wing above," she giggles.

Design aside, planning what plants would go where was pretty straightforward; governed by areas of shade and shadow and cool and warm areas within the walls. Gravel, wood, soil and materials had to be barrowed in through a small guarded gate at the end of the gardens.

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