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Indeed, despite all the progress they have made, black women "are the least satisfied [of all groups of women] and overall least likely to stay in their current jobs," says Sheila Wellington, president of Catalyst.

Still, for significant numbers the atmosphere in corporate America is changing.

There is also the powerful drive of the women themselves.

"Oftentimes women go into higher education and beyond because they can't depend on anyone else to support them or their children," Evans points out.

And whereas boys typically lack focus, girls show up with a sense of purpose.

"Females had no excuses about anything," says Kevin Cook, an administrator at Arizona State University. We're alone."As they graduate and move into the work world, many black women stay just as tough-minded.

And as women in general move up the corporate pyramid, black women, increasingly, are part of the parade.

In 1995 women held less than 9 percent of corporate-officer positions in Fortune 500 companies, according to Catalyst, a New York-based organization that promotes the interests of women in business.

Or is she leaping into treacherous waters that will leave her stranded, unfulfilled, childless and alone?

Last year they held close to 16 percent, a significant step up.

Of those 2,140 women, 163 were black--a minuscule proportion, but one that is certain to grow.

As choreographer Fatima Robinson put it: "I love brothers...

But there is such a gap that I think I may not end up with a black man." In 1970 the numbers of black males and females in college (though much smaller than they are now) were essentially equivalent.

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