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It's just quite disappointing that this drama didn't get enough recognition. No character 'karma' here at all and nothing felt real, from the plot twists with new & never-ending bad guys, to Na Ri's lack of interest in the land that her mother and Nan-Gil loved.

Our supposedly romantic couple never truly shared close tender moments, or even 'real' kisses.

Loyal to each other, yes--but more like a brother/sister.

Kim Young Kwan & Soo-Ae deserved better dialogue & directing in order to carry this off.

Even though I'm only on Episode 8, I like it so far, I think it's cute.

Kim Young Kwang has improved in acting alot, and I'm proud of him :) with his SEXY SELF lol he really knows how to KISSSSSSS. twists and turns and the story itself is different.

I hope oppa Ko Nan Gil ( Kim Young Kwang ) got a better role in the next drama :) . At this point I'm only watching mainly because I've already come this far so might as well finish it. Had they kept the relationship as step father - step daughter bickering relationship, the drama would have kept or improves its viewership. I wasnt fond of noona dongsaeng relationships before but now.. i feel like i myself would love to date someone younger. Coz right now, I love how Kim Young Kwang portrayed as a stepfather and how he really loves his daughter and takes good care of her.I am a very picky person when it comes to the films and dramas and series that I watch. I don't think the drama is bad, but just nothing special in it. It has just a simple story yet very entertaining... What matter's you laugh and love while watching the show... My biggest problem was Na Ri's character developement. She was a prickly condescending partner for Nan-Gil from the beginning.I'd recommend this especially when you have already watched every drama out there and have nothing else to watch. I think actually the conflicts are quite interesting but unfortunately they don't deliver it nicely so it becomes boring at the end of the drama. Nan-Gil began as a strong 'namja' and then was emasculated into a henpecked 'oppa'. Worse still was seeing Na Ri goad him into franchising his 'mandoo' (after letting her Dad & Uncle scam them into it).anyway, just saying and hope to help some people to get to understand. and that weird things about stepdad-daughter-relationship is disappear after knowing the reason why he married her mother. i like soo ae's acting and i'll continue to watch this drama Thank goodness Yoo Seung Ho & Yoon Shi Yoon declined the offer as lead actor. i just found him so poor and sad.has pure first love? geunyang hong na ri I had just started watching a few days ago....The drama is not so bad, easy to watch but I feel that the story can be better. It has a lot of life messages and is filled with corny humour. Fighting @Wi90 I totally agree with you, I don't know why this drama is not even on the top 20. This drama has the fate of Beautiful Mind and Uncontrollably Fond which has a good plot but underrated too. The reason i love watching this drama definitely because handsome yet cute Kim Young Kwang who really express the sweetness as the drama title. I have read that some are creeped out about Na Ri's and Nan Gil's relationship; because they are step-father/step-daughter... I mean they didn't have a father/daughter relationship, they are close to the same age so it's not like he's 20 years older than her, actually according to another site he's actually 3 years younger than Na Ri.

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