When should teens start dating

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As stated by others, at this age they need help getting around and you can always be the one to be there for your son to guide him.

I know I was shocked when my oldest daughter came home one day and asked me if she could have a boyfriend. My first instinct was to say no you are too young until I asked her what she meant by having a boyfriend. I have two beautiful daughters in their 20s that are both seriously dating wonderful young men.

Tell her about teenage pregnancy's, maybe take her to a single mothers place.

It's not cool, it's hard work and you have your whole life ahead of you.

I don't think he should date a girl at this age. Gigi from Paris, France I don't know how things work in Paris, France.

But in Alabama when a boy comes home and says that about a girl (or vise versa), what he means is they are "going together", not physically "going out".

Talk to her about love and that if he does love you he would not ask you to have sex, he would wait till you were older and if you say no it is not because you don't love him, no matter what he says. But most of all, tell her to have fun and enjoy her life and let her know she can always talk to you - no matter what .

The most important thing is that they be supervised properly and given loving guidance about appropriate behavior and respect for each other. (12/19/2006) By Tripleb I agree that 14 is too young, but to help him gracefully, tell him he may go to a movie with her, if you escort them by driving and sitting somewhere in the theatre where you can see them without making them too uncomfortable.

God bless you for considering that something must be done quickly. I was pretty young for my first date, but it was on a church hayride and picnic. I would not let him take her anywhere with other kids and no chaperone.

After all, this is a learning experience for him and you. Keep in mind that you are the mom and that his best interests are at heart. Be careful that you don't read too much into this.

Believe me if you make a big deal she will want him even more.

Yep that's what teenagers do, they think they know best, haha. Please talk to your daughter about sex, and also who cares peer group pressure.

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