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And the use of these bombs or the condoning the use of these bombs makes one a war criminal.” “The men who are ordering you to use these weapons are war criminals according to international law, and in, in the past, in Germany and in Japan, men who were guilty of these kind of crimes were tried and executed.” July 19, 1972: Fonda on visit to Nam Dihn “I went to the dike, the dike system of the city of Nam Dinh.Just this morning at 4 o’clock, it was bombed again, and I was told that an hour after we left the city, planes came back and rebombed Nam Dinh.

that the policy was torture.” So, it’s very difficult for those of us who know this, and in my case, know POWs and heard in person their accounts of torture, to just write it off as in the past and not worth thinking about anymore.You were not born and brought up by your mothers to be killers.So you have been -– you have been told lies so that it would be possible for you to kill.” July 22, 1972: Fonda to U. pilots and airmen “And I think, I –- I think that -– well, the other day, for example, someone told me that one of the pilots that was recent -– recently shot down, uh, near Hanoi, as he was, uh, driven across the river, uh, uh, he was, he was, uh, being being rescued by, uh, the people and he was shown a bridge and the people said, uh, that bridge was, uh, bombed, uh, recently. Uh, we can buy you a new bridge, we can afford to build you a new bridge after the war.Following the Gulf War, she arrived in Landstuhl, Germany, six days before the Sarajevo bombing.She stayed in Germany until 1997, and then served in Korea and Japan until 1999.

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