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Short on dedicated moderators to weed out the influx of negative comments from viewers and questionable content from streamers, Twitch simply removed The Playroom from its directory, making streaming the game impossible.

In a statement, Twitch said "we removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related.

They've put shoes on their head at the exhortation of others watching their broadcast live. They've stripped their wife naked as she lay seemingly unconscious on a couch.

They've had to explain to a local police department that they didn't have a child locked up in their basement after viewers called to tip the cops off to the suspected crime.

It's not an invented universe you're displaying in 720p for others to watch: that's your couch and coffee table, and those are your family members.

The Play Station 4 can stream any of its games live.Streaming a video game is like having someone watch over your shoulder as you play: both streamer and viewer are absorbed by the same rendered, imagined, computerized world.But streaming The Playroom is showing the internet your real world.Although other streamers — such as Star Craft II superstar Day[9] — show their homes and faces during streams, Sony's bundled game is the only one to focus exclusively on its owners' living rooms.In a move that now appears sage, competitor Microsoft withheld Twitch integration from its Xbox One launch package, planning to introduce the feature in early 2014.

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