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Any language school can go out of business or shut down. What’s an incredible opportunity now might be gone in a few years.One individual site might suddenly lose 70% of their site traffic due to an update in Google’s search ranking algorithms and have to start firing teachers.This time however, the largest online school Rare Job, came out a huge winner.Founded in 2007 in the Philippines, Rare Job had about 70,000 students in October of 2012 and grew to over 200,000 by early 2014.I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a few things that ideal about teaching a foreign language over video chat.It’s a huge, global opportunity but there are some areas where it falls short compared to actually being in a classroom environment.About half the platforms I’ve seen want teachers with some experience.Requirements for specific degrees are rare outside of the online classrooms affiliated with brick and mortar institutions, and requirements for teaching certificates are pretty rare as well.

If you’re teaching online, you can teach from anywhere. It’s fantastic work for a Digital Nomad who wants to save more money.

Many brick and mortar schools don’t put so much into training, but some do. Even if you’re a traditional language school that doesn’t offer much training, you can still probably find some opportunity to watch a more experienced teacher teach the same material you teach.

You could also probably ask them questions at lunch or between classes.

When I was running an English school in Taiwan, I had an extensive training system that involved trainees watch dozens of classes, take notes and slowly ease into teaching 5 minute segments, 15 minute segments, full classes and then one week substitutions before being given a class of their own to take over for a full semester.

I gave them feedback and made sure they mastered each skill they needed along the way.

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