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I met them while hunting online for emergency dental work (1pm on a Sunday, imagine!) and they willingly sacrificed their day off to help my out of pain & discomfort. I had been ignoring a cavity for sometime and like all things we nurture, it grew into a full blown infection.

This lovely Dentistry couple makes going to the dentist fun where most of us expect the opposite!

I was also super happy with how honest they were about the options I could choose from when it came to me choosing the kind of fillings to use for a cavity I had ; their honesty was refreshing and such a rare thing to come across!

I loved the entire experience, I mean, who knew wisdom tooth extractions could be so much fun! I wanted Veneers done on my top teeth, Before I found Beautiful Nanda dental clinic on Google, I consulted 3 doctors and everyone charged me Rs 500 for just 5-10 minutes of consultation time and most of them just rushed it without explaining all the details and said I will need 8 top veneers done because when I smile my 8 teeth shows.

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