Validating visual data in qualitative research

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The (theoretical) models are also differentiated into four types: "naturalism", "ethnomethodology", "emotionalism" and "postmodernism".

These different models do not return as chapter headings, but reemerge in various guises in the chapters dealing with methods.

The previous edition of SILVERMAN's book has been reviewed already in , a first and obvious observation is that each next edition is bigger than the previous one.

The first had 224 pages, all included, the second 325, while the present one has 428.

He is clear about his preferences and doubts, but offers good arguments for both.

While it is presented as a textbook for undergraduates, it may be considered too demanding intellectually in some cases.

For the final one, ethnomethodology, SILVERMAN has selected Membership Categorization Analysis (MCA), as conceived by Harvey SACKS, as an example.

The review offers an extensive overview of the book's contents, in order to facilitate a teacher's choice of it as a course book, but it is recommended without reservation to any serious qualitative researcher. The fact that the book under review is in its third edition, the previous ones being published in 19, already testifies to the first point. There is another book authored by SILVERMAN, called ] SILVERMAN's scepticism is clearly expressed right in the preface.

qualitative research, qualitative data analysis, naturally occurring data, ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, constructionism, semiotics, emotionalism Table of Contents 1. He opposes those kinds of qualitative research that are effectively a-theoretical, are mostly based on unstructured interviewing, stressing "authenticity" and the expression of "experience" rather than reliability and validity, and have the analysis of data being determined by a particular moral or political position.

It is the latter, of course, that he favours, offering summary discussions of some inspiring examples.

When we compare these three approaches with the "models" mentioned in part one, and the two styles in the previous chapter, we must conclude that both the labels and the characterisations are not very stable, but seem to have been adapted to the "local arguments" in an ad hoc fashion. While observations and interviews are rather obvious kinds of materials in qualitative research, the analysis of texts is less common.

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