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It opens suitably with the first song they ever wrote together, "This Is The Beginning," a fragile but graceful track infused with the duo's characteristic optimism, and ends with the understated, heart-warming "July," its closing lyrics capturing the record's mood of renaissance perfectly: "Now it all makes sense / It brought you here / It only brought you home." Scattered in between are gentle, compassionate compositions that tell tales of friendship and loneliness, infatuation and flirtation, and, of course, love and loss.

Each is perfectly poised musically, the voice pure, the arrangements assured but modest, every instrument given space to breathe.

But Sonja had known from the first moment they played together that, were she to form a band of her own, Valeska would have to be the singer. Finally, in 2008, she received an email from Valeska suggesting they give collaboration a try. By then, Valeska had moved to Hamburg, and though they now lived in the same city, they still needed to find their way of working together.

Early attempts to write by playing and singing together proved ineffective, and it took a while for them to find a method that suited them both.

During this period, songs were frequently reworked, and there were moments when they argued about the best way to present them.

But the goal always remained the same: to find something that pleased all three of them Valeska, Sonja and Philipp without anyone feeling like their work had been compromised.

"We're like," laughs Sonja, before Valeska interjects, "..old couple." The story of their rise from musicians living in separate cities Valeska grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, while Sonja is from Hamburg to a chart-conquering band is as touching as the results of their collaboration.Informed by a mutual love of acts like Bon Iver, Phoenix and Feist, it's an album of simple, heartfelt pop decorated with art school elegance and occasional folky flourishes.There's perhaps only one perfect word to sum up such a likeable pair and their delicious debut: natural.Swiss/German duo BOY offer up picture perfect, acoustic snapshots in our latest video captured from this past year's edition of our Launch Pad Party in Austin Texas.The band's debut Mutual Friends is a bit of a European phenomenon, thanks in part to its' insanely catchy lead single "Little Numbers".

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