Updating phoenix award bios

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We are not responsible if your system is damaged while attempting this.

The following microcode is only compatible with method 1 of this guide (it's in a combined NCPUCODE. This makes it easier to update all of your microcodes at once.

However, the method we just used for updating the microcodes should still work fine. LGA 775 BIOSes are usually around 1024 KB in size, so look for a file about that size.

You should be able to update it the same way you'd update a normal BIOS. You can also try running the following command on each of the files that could be your BIOS: If cbrom displays information about your BIOS after running that command, it should be the correct BIOS file.

A flasher comes in multiple flavours: you have DOS and Windows versions and flashers specific for a BIOS brand (AMI, Award, ...) On Wim's BIOS you can find the bios update itself via your motherboard manufacturer.

Alternatively and easier, you can also download BIOS Agent Plus, a (spyware/adware free) tool to identify your motherboard manufacturer (among other hardware information).

If the dates of the microcodes are from 2010 (which is when Intel last updated them), you should have the newest microcode.

You should be able to update it the same way you'd update a normal BIOS.

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If you accidentally remove the microcode that your processor needs, your system may fail to boot.The following command will show you a list of all of the microcodes in your BIOS file: You should verify that the microcode for your processor's CPUID is present.If you don't know what your CPUID is, check out the following guide: How to get the CPUID, Stepping, or s Spec for an Intel CPU.Start learning about Linux, Nginx, Maria DB, PHP-FPM, Java, IPv6, HTTPS, Word Press and much more!Tip: Receive your free Chapter Secure your site with HTTPS by joining our mailing list! A flasher is a program used to update the BIOS on your PC. the BIOS code itself) - specific for your motherboard/computer.

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