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None of my kids PC has been infected and by the windows home server I am aware when they have downloaded a infected files on their computer in some case it is not an infected i.e.they are doing something not very legal to get their games working i.e. but at least I know what they are doing and because of that nice monitor feature I already restored their PC to stable state and cleaned their PC with avast, so for me this is a very good anti-virus to own.Version 9 (2014) of Avast conflicted with my Mc Afee Firewall rendering my machine offline. Seems to use fewer resources than previous versions.Only by disabling one or the other could I even look up a host name. I will try to downgrade to Avast 8 but if that fails Ill look to AVG or something else. Boot time defrag nice option though slow on multiple drive set ups.If you don't see a program listed here, it is probably not a good idea to download it. I will not add something here unless I approve of it. However if you know of a good piece of software that's not listed, please let me know so I can test it. If your software made it to this list, congratulations. If you know where to look - there is no reason to "buy" software. Color Cop: Sample color - programs like firefox have color samplers, but you're limited to that program; with this you can select anything on your screen. This review is for 4.8 stable version Every antivirus has its cons and pros, but when you get antivirus for free you cant really complain things like user interface if it can do what you want. So f-secure was just taking my computers juice for nothing...

Also, if you like to create playlists on Frost Wire, now the playlists will sort songs by track number if its available.

Avast includes standard resident protection, P2P and IM shields, network shield (against worms etc.), web shield (http traffic monitoring), automatic updates, virus chest and virus cleaner.

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When i first started to use avast, norton or f-secure didnt have this feature.

This means avast wont use your hard drive more than it needs thus making your computer usage alot faster compared to situation when antivirus needs to scan your hard drive when you use it (unless you have good ssd). q=avast remover) is one possible solution (and many more, too): avast!

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