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Learning a culture through a date can open up a totally new world for you.There is something fun about it, and this is something you may never have experienced before.These moments force you into making fast decisions and differ greatly from the luxury of having the time to see ‘where things are going’.Nomadic or not, the couples we’ve interviewed often say the exact same things.That is something beautiful to see – and something we want for a lot more of our members, which is why we’re creating a dating app for nomads, helping them connect romantically with other like minded people.

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Whatever you classify yourself as being (traditional, modern, etc) is really just your own well defined dating criteria summed up into one word. Life would be less frustrating and each morning three little birds would be by our doorsteps singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true.They all share the desire in finding a romantic life partner.Most singles date multiple people until they find their true love.Knowing where you fall only serves the purpose of understanding your own principles and relationship expectations so that you are able to identify those very same qualities in a person that has piqued your interest. It smells like teen spirit with a splash of cinnamon and honey. It’s a little something we like to refer to as compatibility – the essential component between two people in any successful relationship. I believe each of us has a mate match out there in the world.

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