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While it may not be surprising that authoritarian governments will arrest people for criticizing the government, you may be surprised at the other types of speech people can get arrested for.In some countries, people can be arrested for criticizing the country’s king or religion.

They also passed a law that required Internet café owners to spy on customers that access certain, “sensitive” websites.

A big part of that promise is by bringing your Skype experiences together with activities, like email and other online services, so that you can get things done faster.

Starting today, you can now call and chat with your Skype contacts while in Office Online and One Drive.

File sharing may not technically belong on this list, as people are technically sued in civil court and not arrested for downloading content without permission.

However, file sharing is what most people will think of when they consider government restrictions on the Internet. While it’s obvious to say that sharing unauthorized files can land many Internet users in hot water, file sharing for personal use is actually perfectly legal in some countries.

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