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Despite its veneer of moderate Islam, is the AKP imposing its vision of morality on the country, one empty brothel at a time?And where does this leave the women whose livelihood now falls outside of the law?Rodriguez was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and Mills is being charged with ‘animal abuse’ But, in a magnificent piece of legal footwork, his attorney argues that he can’t be guilty of that crime, because a carcass is not an ‘animal’ …If Mills is convicted, he could serve up to two years in prison, because of a previous conviction in 2005 for shooting a dead pig named Mitzie so that he could have sex with it.All persons entering strip clubs must be at least 18 years old.

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Operating of illegal prostitution is punishable with a maximum of 1 year imprisonment. Strip clubs must also be licensed and strippers must be registered and have regular health checkups.

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published articles reporting that Meek Mill‘s father was Martin Luther King, Jr., that Americans petitioned to replace the U. flag with a rainbow gay pride version, that a Colorado Mc Donald’s added a pot smoking section for diners, that a young man murdered a female friend over the #Waste His Time hashtag, that more than a dozen girls were impregnated after a boy ejaculated in a swimming pool, that Mc Donald’s disclosed the presence of french fry grease in coffee, that a serial “booty tickler” was nabbed in Texas, and that a woman murdered her boyfriend after a prank proposal on April Fools’ Day.

That’s when she grabbed the turkey and ran into the living room while Mills chase after her, apologizing.

Rodriguez admitted that’s when she lost it and began stabbing him in his extremities.

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