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They are also more likely to take IPV more seriously.

By contrast, boys are more likely to report experiencing less severe acts, such as being pinched, slapped, scratched or kicked.

Other research indicates that boys who have been abused in childhood by a family member are more prone to IPV perpetration, while girls who have been abused in childhood by a family member are prone to lack empathy and self-efficacy; but the risks for the likelihood of IPV perpetration and victimization among adolescents vary and are not well understood.

'Although some of the bullying was a motivation for me to lose weight, it was most definitely not the only reason, I knew I had to do it for my own health and well-being.

'I'm so much happier now, I can't believe I let myself get to such a size back then but now whenever I get down I use pictures of me at my biggest to motivate myself.'Thanks to my family's support and working hard I've been able to change my life completely.'I'm training to become a profession bodybuilder now and know when I show off my body on stage it will help me appreciate the massive changes I've made.'Before I was heavy, morbidly obese and my BMI was way higher than it should have been but now I'm sculpted, tinier and so proud of how far I've come.'Kiersten rapidly started gaining weight from the age of ten, which she believes was the result of eating unhealthy food and secretly scoffing tins of ravioli in her room.

A student cruelly called 'whale' by bullies has shed over 98lbs (7st) to become a figure competitor after she was 'fat shamed' by a five-year-old.

Kiersten Zimmerman, 19, Edmonton, Canada, struggled to recognise how dangerously overweight she was until a child she was babysitting told her she was 'fat'.

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