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This is a long, seven part story with bondage and female slavery as the context focus - it is Not a page after page masturbation fantasy.For those who haven't read The Hotel, a few notes...I instantly closed them and concentrated on making the throbbing go away. Not to stare at the sun again, but at the still burning remains of our CH-46 Chinook helicopter.I didn't exactly jump to my feet, but I managed to assume a somewhat vertical stance as I looked around at the disaster.Crack the egg into the bowl and lightly pierce the yolk with a toothpick (this will stop it exploding).Cover the bowl with cling film and microwave on full power for 30 seconds.

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It didn't take but a few seconds of observation to see that none of them were in any condition to be assisted by me - in fact, it would take a coroner just to determine who was who. I knew that whoever shot the missile (or round, or rock or whatever got us) would soon be along to make sure the job was completed. My bandolier was still around my neck, so I looked for and found what appeared to be a serviceable M-4 rifle.Unfortunately, a blind man could follow my footprints in the sand. I continually looked over my shoulder and then around in all directions for any pursuers, but saw no one.Finally, I came to a small hill, climbed it and settled down behind some rocks.Obviously, back that way would be the bad guys so I needed to get gone in another direction - now!To the south the terrain looked somewhat more rough, so I headed that way.

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