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She refused to give her name because she said exposure would mean divorce and losing her two young children.

The woman, who lives in central Seoul, hasn't cheated yet, she said, because she hasn't found the right person.

Min Hong-chul, a lawmaker for the New Politics Alliance for Democracy party, recently proposed in parliament to allow censors greater leeway in blocking "harmful information," which could pave the way for stopping Internet and other media - such as the Ashley Madison site - that Min says are undermining family values.

The bill proposal will likely enjoy strong conservative support but its prospects are uncertain.

After eight years of marriage, she is consumed with their child, he said, and is too tired for sex.

He said that when she is still asleep in the morning and he gets no breakfast before work, he feels like he is nothing but "a machine that makes money." From his office computer, he exchanges messages with women on the Ashley Madison site that include sexual jokes, complaints about his wife and worries about his sex life.

The ban was lifted, and Ashley Madison again took off.

In its first two weeks after reopening, more than 100,000 new members signed up, generating 0,000 in revenue.

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I want to have someone to whom I could retreat to for a short time before I go back to reality." Successful men caught cheating usually suffer no career setbacks and often stay married, said Cho Kyungae, a senior counselor at the Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations, an independent, nonprofit group that has provided legal and marriage counseling for more than 150,000 couples or families.When she refuses to sleep with me because she's too tired, my ego hurts." If he caught his wife having an affair, however, he'd divorce her.His feeling, he said, would be: "How could you cheat on me when I've made so much money (for the family)?A man who would seem to have it all - a well-paid CEO job and a beautiful wife and child - is looking for what he says he lacks through Ashley Madison.The man, who also refused to be named because he's worried about the repercussions of using an adultery dating site, said he loves his wife but can't remember the last time he had sex with her.

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