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Skype’s survey, which gathered responses from about 1,500 people in January, did not look specifically at military users. Have you ever done a “naughty” Skype or Facetime call with your servicemember? We had the chance to chat with relationships expert Andrea Syrtash about ways we can help our military marriages when deployment and distance get in the way.But they were able to gather some data on how people living near military bases use the service on and around Valentine’s Day. She suggested some creative and practical ways we can use video chatting and messaging even with people walking by.A simple switch to "Only My Friends" should do the trick.

While some Snapchat users may have thought it was their lucky day, others weren't falling for Honey Crush's act.Luckily, a little common sense and some stricter Snapchat settings should save you from becoming a victim of such a scam.According to blog posting from Snapchat CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel, users who want a spam-free experience should adjust the settings that control who can send you photos.The software scans for references to drugs like ecstasy, methamphetamine, and ketamine—while bizarre terms that translate into English as “ancient horse recipe” and “throwing eggs" could also land users on a watch list.I have no idea what those expressions mean, but they could be code words along the lines of the infamous “grass mud horse”.

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