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The temperatures inside an Arc Flash incident can reach 19,000°C (sun’s surface temperature is 6000°C) causing conductors especially copper to vaporise.

The explosion causes shrapnel and vaporised conductors to escape the blast site at 1600km/hr.

All potential risks need to be managed and reduced in compliance with guides and standards.

Premium Power can help you with this and make recommendations.

This amount of energy is sufficient to cause severe injury to anyone within the blast radius.

More specifically, employers must make a suitable and adequate assessment of the risks to health and safety, and those include Arc Flash and other risks involving electricity, and to put in place the necessary preventive and protective measures (2005 Act in ROI, Safety at Work Regulations 1999/N. Understanding the magnitude of the hazard is a key starting point when preparing control measures to protect workers.

Step one of the process is a service called Electrical Infrastructure and Maintenance Analysis’ or ‘Gap Analysis’.

Within this service, the client’s existing electrical procedures and risk control documents are collated and analysed to understand their specific corporate requirements and facility-specific working practices.

Industrial Electrical Safety Procedures are risk controls developed to mitigate any electrical hazards identified during the risk assessment process.

The risk assessment process informs the safety procedures.

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