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The PDP-10 also implemented application checkpointing which allows saving and restoring of the state of the entire program, instead of a more traditional save file.Both these features made it difficult to directly port the code to other architectures.

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Both Crowther's and Woods' version were designed to run on the PDP-10, enabling certain features unique to the platform.with about another 700 lines of data, written for BBN's PDP-10 timesharing computer.The data included text for 78 map locations (66 actual rooms and 12 navigation messages), 193 vocabulary words, travel tables, and miscellaneous messages.To explore the cave, the player types in one- or two-word commands to move their character through the cave, interact with objects in the cave, pick up items to put into their inventory, and other actions.The program acts as a narrator, describing to the player what each location in the cave has, the results of certain actions, or if it did not understand the player's commands, asking for the player to retype their actions.

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