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When’s the last time an American had a significant impact on the hobby? Here in the US, we have a bad habit of just assuming whatever we’re doing is the best thing ever.

I would say after Shep Paine, the next big step forward came from Francois Verlinden, whose weathering techniques and development of resin as a viable material through the 80s and early 90s laid a lot of the groundwork for modern modeling. Now, yes, Verlinden Productions did move the US in the mid-90s. I mean, when’s the last time Verlinden made a splash? We call our baseball championship the World Series when its anything but.

But there are economic factors at play there that (I hope) most of us can at least understand at a surface level. I mean…how many still worship at the altar of Shep Paine?

Or seem to live in the past, when Monogram kits were the greatest things ever?

Some decals need very warm water to work, others don’t care, and still others fall apart in the increased temperatures. And that little blog post idea light bulb started blinking above my head. Spend any amount of time in the online modeling community – on forums, on Facebook, You Tube, blogs, wherever, and you’ll see it pop up. While nothing could be further from the truth (I will tell you what and how , what would I do with that bizarrely niche power?

Perhaps modeling is one of those things that is innocuous enough that passionate discussion can be poured into it without stirring larger pots? But in a lot of these things, once we got there, we stagnated.I can only think of two or maybe three resin players in North America that I’d put on a level with the rest of the world.Most of the others seem stuck at a quality level dating to the 80s.Or air conditioners – again the US pioneered central HVAC, but it’s extremely hard to retrofit ducted AC systems into buildings that aren’t built with them, and so in much of the rest of the world more space and energy-efficient ductless AC systems have been adopted. Does not being beholden so much to “the way things was” open up room for that ingenuity and risk-taking? Since then, I’ve had a soft spot for the awkward floatplane.So when Kitty Hawk announced they would be making a new-tool Kingfisher – and in 1/32 scale no less! When sprue shots and reviews started coming in, I was still thrilled.

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