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Duo isn't trying to revolutionize video calls, it just wants to approach them from a more modern perspective, one that builds on our smartphone-carrying habits, our needs for immediacy, and our disdain for complexity.

With just a couple of calls, Duo has proven to me that it can replace Skype on my phone and maybe even tempt me to use it instead of Whats App audio calls with certain friends.

And it can also be disabled, but keep in mind that if you turn it off, you won't send your stream to your contacts but you also won't get theirs when they call, regardless of whether or not they have it enabled or disabled.

Back to the main interface, once you tap on Once the call launches, like any video calling service, your front camera view switches to a small window and the rest of your screen is overtaken by your recipient's stream.

This basically shares the caller's video stream before the recipient answers the call, as a way to entice them to pick up the phone.

Thankfully, Knock Knock doesn't work for contacts you don't have in your address book - a nice way to avoid unsolicited images from people you don't know.

While using the app, I've found this interface intuitive and quite easy to get used to.

Video calls have been done again and again, and by now, if you have someone you want to talk to and see at the same time, odds are you already have your preferred way of doing that.

But my last few days with Duo have shown me another side to the story.

And yes phone numbers might be ripe for abuse and spam, but so are usernames and email addresses. I'd wager the reason is that Google wanted to do less, but do it better. Launch the app and you're greeted with your face from the front camera on your phone (we've already established it might not be sexy), a white bottom overlay with a button, and an overflow menu on the top right.

Once you've made a couple of calls, the bottom overlay will start populating with your most recent contacts. (You can't see me now, but you will in a while.) If you're a geek like me, the first thing you'll look for are the settings.

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