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Start with a general check-up with your vet to examine her skin.

Some are easily treatable and some can be the worst to manage.

Two females tend to be really bitchy and argue over who is alpha over who.

I always tell people, they call them bitches for a reason.

Thankfully it is the tiny one that is bossy and the bigger one just accepts it as if it were a puppy she is dealing with.

Now we have a female dog our first male dog, they get along worse than any of our female/female pairs.

Last year changed O2 sensor, this time might be EGR valve.

so would a two female puppies be able to get along or is it b for opposite sexes to get along? As faith leader to 5,000 Idaho Episcopalians, he travels most weekends throughout his diocese as chief celebrant to one of 30 congregations across Southern Idaho. If I get elected, I'll be going to Boise." I was elected bishop of the diocese in June 2008."The joy of helping people interpret their holy experience continues to feed me," said Thom, 57. It was very clear to my brother and me that college was the only option. Finally, I got smart about it and proposed in late 2009.When I went off to college, I went with letters of introduction from my priest. Actually, within the church as a whole, I'm a bit of a centrist. The big issues for us included the equality of women, which we took on fairly early in the 1970s. Some people just couldn't handle women priests or a new prayer book.Forestry was science and business, but by the time I graduated, I was already on a path toward a life in the church. We ordained the Philadelphia Eleven [women] as Episcopal priests in 1976. And then, as early as 1976, we had a resolution to try to do the polite thing by saying our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters are equal children in the sight of God and deserve fair treatment.

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