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Dunn accurately observes that the 1833 article from the Cincinnati Republican covers "most of the ground that has since been occupied" only ten months after the publication of Finley's famous poem "The Hoosier's Nest." Dunn carefully examines that "occupied ground" in his 1907 article, a detailed examination of the term which nearly every serious researcher cites.

Neither of these hypotheses are deserving of any attention.The unusual (ier or sier) ending has always been difficult to explain. " The Hoo Shire would then be the Hill Country, the High Places or the Mountain Region.Would that meaning then extend to those who lived in the hills, making them the "hooscirs" and later the "Hoosiers," the mountain people, hillbillies by another name?By some caprice which can never be explained, the appellation Hooshier became confined solely to such boatmen as had their homes upon the Indiana shore, and from them it was gradually applied to all the Indianians, who acknowledge it as good naturedly as the appellation of Yankee -- Whatever may have been the original acceptation of Hooshier this we know, that the people to whom it is now applied are amongst the bravest, most intelligent, most enterprising, most magnanimous, and most democratic of the Great West, and should we ever feel disposed to quit the state in which we are now sojourning, our own noble Ohio, it will be to enroll ourselves as adopted citizens in the land of the "HOOSHIER." Jacob Piatt Dunn, for many years secretary of the Indiana Historical Society, provides the fullest consideration of "Hoosier" in his 1907 article, "The Word Hoosier," which continues research he had done for a 1902 article in the Indiana Magazine of History.The two items and a third published in 1913 appear as a whole in slightly altered form in his Indiana and Indianans (1919).

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