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She left a trail of published interviews and speeches and public statements that surprises anyone who knows only her own pronouncements desiring privacy.Perhaps fifteen hundred of her letters by now have found their way into institutional collections from Maine to California, even though she and Edith Lewis destroyed as many of her letters as they could lay their hands on.Mind you, sometimes this is just elaborate Good Cop/Bad Cop.

Still, one envies the chroniclers of those public figures who carefully saved for posterity the documentation of their lives.

Fortunately, correspondents who outlived her had the good sense to realize that Cather belongs to the world and her letters ought to be preserved.

It is still impossible to publish or quote from her letters (her will forbids it), but they are available for consultation, and the information they contain is public property.

May present The Hero and his companions with valuable gifts before The Quest or as a reward afterward.

This position means that they can end the story quickly unless other obstacles intervene. a Treacherous Advisor, and be undermined because they listen to him too much.

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