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I can imagine we could support the idea in a society where to beat a woman is OK." Domestic violence is a serious problem in the Czech Republic, says Ms Marksova-Tominova.

Under Czech law, beating your marital partner is not a crime unless she (or he) is so badly injured that she cannot work for at least seven days – and parliament has repeatedly rejected proposals to change the law.

It is all part of the difficulty Czech women face in tackling feminism – so much so that there is a serious debate over what Western-style feminism can offer Czech women.

They hit us a lot around the legs; I had bruises all over my legs. It's all right if they stick to the tradition, but these days you get men who are frustrated, who get really drunk and don't do it properly." But, alarming as this sounds to Western ears, many Czech women defend the tradition.

"The worst thing was that I felt so powerless, they were hitting me with electric cables and I had no way to fight back." Traditionally, women get their revenge for the whipping by chucking cold water over the men. But sometimes the women end up getting the cold shower as well as the whipping. "I look forward to it every year," says Daniela Furthnerova. "Young women wait for the special man, the one they like to come and whip them," she says.

Vesna Brabic, 35, found that out a few years ago when she was unceremoniously picked up and thrown into a fishpond by a group of drunken Czech men on Easter Monday. Sarka Rausova agrees: "It's a tradition and people don't think about it as something that shouldn't be done." Michaila Marksova-Tominova, of the Prague Gender Studies Centre, an NGO that campaigns for women's rights, says: "I think it depends.

The women reward the men for this with a painted Easter egg.

The symbolism is pretty clear: the whipping, say Czechs, ensures the woman stays fertile and beautiful.

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