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When one of our correspondents paid a visit, the ladies swarmed the prospective customer like a swarm of bees as usual, showering him with compliments.

Sitting in the bar of the brothel, a young woman, who had been making seductive moves almost broke into a run just to come over when she was beckoned on.

Despite efforts by Tania to mask the desperation showing in her voice, it was clear the young lady did not want to get through the night with an empty pocket in a season when customers are not forthcoming.

Our correspondents learnt that in the days of plenty customers, Lagos sex workers hardly showed patience with any customer, whom they suspected did not have any interest in obtaining their service.

In one of the “fact-finding missions” of our correspondents to Allen Avenue, Tania, a young woman, whose youthful but heavily made up face suggested she could be between the ages of 22 and 26, told one of our correspondents, who posed as a prospective customer, that she would prefer an overnight service.

Asked why, as all her negotiations tended towards the fact that she did not like the popular “short-time”, favoured by men who simply want to “get in and get out”, Tania explained the economic sense in her strategy.

She then took it upon herself to call one of the waiters who evidently knew her and ordered a bottle of beer.

“I won’t have to pay for the daily room charge to Sisi Mi (apparently, the sobriquet of her madam).

Even if I do short-time and I don’t use the room, we do it beside a wall or on the boot of your car, so far as I go back to the room this night, I will still have to pay,” she said.

“Sade is lucky,” Ruth said, as she made a sympathetic gesture to another young lady on the side of the road, who had just been rebuffed by a motorist passing by.

She said, “ began to tell Sade he liked her because she is really beautiful.

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