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The nearest one, Kingston’s Norman Manley International Airport, is a whopping three hours away.And the roads between Geejam and Kingston aren’t exactly super highways -- they’re often riddled with potholes and tend to flood easily.The hotel’s ultra-private rooms feature minimalist decor with vibrant island accents and eclectic touches, like original Banksy wall murals or private hot tubs.All-day dining is available at Bushbar, or guests can take a free hotel shuttle to one of the nearby beaches, including Geejam’s own beach club across the street. Miss Sweetnees…ef mi was babylon (police) mi would haffi charge with the crime of niceness cyan done 6. Yuh Sweet lak ah angel, so tell me whah deh Gwan up in nah heaven now? Gal yuh too sweet, spend some time wid me suh some ah you sweetness rub off pon mi.

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Though it doesn’t have a spa or communal pool, Geejam is usually most appreciated for what it lacks: crowds.

Geejam is located on a secluded hilltop in Portland Parish, about 15 minutes from Port Antonio, a laid-back beach town with an authentic Caribbean feel.

Portland Parish doesn’t draw the same tourist crowds as Montego Bay or Negril, but adventurous travelers tend to appreciate Portland’s “locals-only” atmosphere.

Geejam lacks a communal pool and a full service spa, so travelers in search of these amenities might prefer the much larger, but equally luxurious Golden Eye Hotel & Resort.

Perched on a hill in the midst of thick jungle foliage, it’s difficult to find Geejam -- especially considering the hotel’s lackluster directional signage on the street.

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