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He was instead confronted by members of the group at the city's railway station and police were contacted.

Catherine Silverton, prosecuting, said Hosseini had sent messages to 'Joey' stating that he was 48 years old and was looking for a boyfriend for "love or sex".

Hosseini must go on the sex offender register for 10 years.

Judge Penelope Belcher said: "No child was in in fact exposed to risk.

However opinions couldn’t be more wrong, Westerners generally fascinate Iranians and they are keen to find out more about you.

“Where are you from” and “Welcome to Iran, you are welcome” are two things you will hear from almost every friendly local you come into contact with.

Both men and women take great care of their appearance and always dress smartly.Across most of Central Asia, the Middle East and even some European countries the time around Easter is their time to celebrate the Nowruz festival (Spring time).Currently in the media being a Muslim can often be depicted as many different things, unfortunately what is rarely shown is actually how kind and generous the people are.A famous fact about Iranian people is that many people have corrective surgery on their noses.Don’t be surprised if you see people with huge plasters or bandages covering their nose, it’s like a status symbol.

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