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Glitch credited his success to the unique clientele.The typical Comic Con-goer tends to be a little quirky and maybe a little accustomed to being an outcast.Many Comic Con attendees dress like their favorite comic book, video game, anime, sci-fi, movies, and TV characters to celebrate their fandom — a ritual called cosplay.(Click here for further explanation.) pin over her heart, and black collar suggested that she belonged to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, of the "Star Trek" universe.Without trying to spoil too much, I thought the show was fair its subjects.The show starts with establishing the nerd cred of four attendees, two women and two men, by looking into their lifestyle at home.Footage of that event will be broadcast this Sunday, December 18, at 9PM (EST) on the TLC Channel.

I heard about this event when I attended NYCC and I kept this in mind after speaking to an attendee of the sci-fi speed dating and hearing about her experiences.Part-time Jedi Master, part-time matchmaker Ryan Glitch hosted eight Sci-Fi Speed Dating sessions (two of which were LGBT-only events) at NYCC.Glitch founded the company four years ago after attending a similar, but poorly run speed dating event.The stories of each of the four are videotaped as they continue to venture to NYCC at the Sci-Fi Speed Dating and see how they try to find a relationship with a fellow geek.There are parts of the show that are funny and sad and at times I find myself relating to their problems. It’s a million times better than any reality show showing on MTV/VH1.

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