Sarah geronimo dating john lloyd cruz guide to middle school dating

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But sometime between 20, John Lloyd gifted Sarah a ring. "I don’t wanna force anyone who doesn’t wanna be with me." In the same interview, Ruffa revealed that John Lloyd kept texting her months after he and Shaina Magdayao became a couple.John Lloyd dug up that part of his past with Sarah during their guesting in For the record, John Lloyd’s secret romance with Ruffa Gutierrez started in “March 2009” and ended in “February 2010.” This is according to Ruffa, who gave a tell-all interview in the November 6, 2011 episode of TV5’s now-defunct showbiz talk show, in 2008, where John Lloyd, again, played the leading man, Armando, to Bea Alonzo’s Betty. When they became a couple, John Lloyd and Ruffa agreed to keep a tight lid on this, mainly for "career" reasons. Ruffa said John Lloyd wanted her back, but that he was afraid it would cost him his showbiz career.

In a separate interview, Shaina said she was happy when John Lloyd acknowledged their relationship on national television.

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Describing how their romance started, she said, " relationship.” In November 2010, the couple became victims of a nasty rumor.

And in the months that followed, their relationship continued to be hounded by intrigues, including Shaina’s controversial phone calls to Ruffa in January and October 2011.

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