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A relationship-focused experiment seemed like a good accompaniment to those other adjustments.When you travel full-time, you can become so malleable that, after a while, you don’t even know what your default preferences are anymore. I’d spent so much time renting other peoples’ homes, living amidst other peoples’ stuff, temporarily adopting the habits and rhythms of these far-flung places, that I didn’t have a firm grasp on what I would do without those external influences on my behaviors and inclinations.This wasn’t a matter of longing and waiting for something good to arrive, and leaving a space in my world for that potentiality, just in case. It was, in some ways, about spending the time I would have spent dating on becoming the person I wanted to be when I started dating again in the future.

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One of the big issues we’re going to have to tackle as a society, I think, is how we develop and evolve non-romantic relationships throughout our lives even as our communities become (for many reasons) more distributed and impersonal.Third, you really can’t be half-committed to this type of experiment and have it work correctly.The first month or so, my head wasn’t fully in it, and I didn’t see the benefits or notice many changes.REITMANS CANADA LIMITED reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer without prior notice.If you’ve read my work for any amount of time, you probably know that I regularly and enthusiastically engage in lifestyle experiments.

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