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Kate, a 5-year-old with an incredible imagination, wills her stuffed bunny Mim-Mim to life for adventures in the make-believe land of Mimiloo.With Kate taking the lead, the two solve problems with the help of other imaginary friends.

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Your kids will also learn that listing to parents and neighbors can help right a wrong.

While many kids’ shows focus on phonics and counting, Dinosaur Train takes on science with a colorful cast of dino friends.

Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex (and the show’s main character), explores the prehistoric world around him, learning about different species’ habitats and diets while thinking critically about this new knowledge.

Preschool viewers will likely enjoy this kids’ TV show, while more sensitive kids might need a gentle reminder that everyone made it out okay.

Harry the Bunny loves to explore his world, including his bedroom and backyard, just like your kids do.

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