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Plates are moving at different speeds with some moving away from each other and other running into each other.How the plates interact explains much about the origins of earthquakes and volcanoes. It compares two different estimates of how quickly the earth’s plates are moving in the Middle East.But in this case, YECs can make up any excuse they want for why they don’t believe those dating methods and why the estimates of rates based on them are flawed. In fact, the more problems they say they find with radiometric dating methods, the worse their problem becomes.

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The second method measures the rate of plate motion based on GPS readings of the precise locations of the plates (Y axis).But these data are remarkable for one reason: In almost all cases the estimates derived from these independent methods are in full agreement!Why is this agreement significant and how does it prove* that the world is ancient?On the graph, this is the SDSF (South Dead Sea Fault) point.The vertical bar represents the variance possible (sort of a confidence interval) of the estimates based on geological estimates (radiometric mostly).

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