Puma punku carbon dating

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Some of the blocks are held together by large metallic, I-shaped couplers others were held together by silver rivets.

The system used here is reminiscent of that used in the Egyptian ruins on Elephantine Island on the Nile among other places in the world including the Pacific (David H Childress ref on that last point).

In summing up the evidence, as the whole plateau seems to have been lifted from sea level in the ancient past and the buildings were clearly destroyed in this process.

If this happened in the time scale archaeologists would have us believe it would be a significant event.

The gate of the sun the 10 ton gateway of the Sun was first discovered beneath several feet of clay silt, face down, and broken in half (the result of seismic disturbance; Posnansky, 1945).

It is monolithic, originally formed from a single block of Andesite granite.

One block still in place weighs an estimated 440 tons!

These blocks have been carried over 20 miles uphill from the quarry site.

Posnanky also noticed that the ruins were generally covered by a thin layer of lime deposits, evidence that they had been underwater for a long period of time.

Once again it is very hard to judge from the pictures I have seen if the Toxodon is actually represented or another similar looking animal.

The video above gives a much better insight into the sheer scale and engineering tour de force of Pumapunku.

I shall present on this site evidence for a long forgotten history of our planet.

Our planet is literally covered in unanswered questions about our past.

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