Public folder contacts not updating

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Outlook Add-in requires Microsoft Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 Support for 32 / 64 bit platforms.Mobile Apps can be installed on Android 2.2 and later i OS 5.x and later* * If you’re using i OS 11, the Sync from i Phone and Sync to i Phone options are limited. Once installed you never have to worry as lower level routines do everything. As the owners of a small business, several computers and one email address we struggled to see if emails had been replied to (reply on one computer, you could not tell sitting at another). All computers on the network can see the same email and replies!I now have the majority of my folders as public folders so I have only ONE folder with only ONE copy. The sync'd calendar is also fantastic for appointments that can be seen across the network.It means that any changes in synchronized folders are instantly visible on other computers. Since we keep your files on your PCs, when you are away with your laptop or have no Internet access, your data is still accessible and you can continue working on it.All changes will be updated when you’re back online. "Having standard MS Outlook on two or more PCs creates huge user problems in terms of message and email address access.

Specifically, you need to be able to sync Public Folder Contacts to an i Phone. It's a burdensome task for hundreds of employees to do this drag and drop.I will take a wild guess and say that just a few years ago, your company may also have had a Black Berry Server.If your company uses Office 365, Cira Sync is a cloud service will allow you to sync a public folder to Outlook Contacts in about a minute. In addition, they also have a Public Folder with employee contacts.The program is extremely easy to set up and use, and requires no IT knowledge, servers or administrators.Thanks to the innovative technology it uses, your data is always safe as it is kept only on your devices, not in the Cloud. Create publicly available Outlook calendars and use them to set up meetings, seamlessly book resources, share information about absences and business trips or remotely manage co-workers' schedules. Easily set up a shared database of business contacts in Outlook that is fully accessible from any computer in your company.

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