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It bundles together a large number of updates that would take a very long time to install normally.This package includes updates released from February 2011 all the way to May 16, 2016.Microsoft has also produced a “convenience rollup” for Windows 7.This is essentially Windows 7 Service Pack 2 in all but name.But it’s easy enough to install if you know it exists and know you have to go looking for it after you install Windows 7.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t offer the update rollup through Windows Update–you have to go out of your way to get it.Most of the time, the troubleshooter can successfully remove a stuck update from the queue. Even if the troubleshooter says it couldn’t identify the problem, it’s possible that the actions of starting and stopping the service and clearing out the cache did the trick.If you’re still having trouble after running the troubleshooter (or if you’re the type that just likes to do things yourself), performing the same actions manually may help where the troubleshooter didn’t.Windows includes a built-in troubleshooter that may be able to help fix a stuck update.It’s the easiest method to try, so go ahead and run it first.

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