Prisoners of the lost universe sex

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Ed the Sock: In fact, they've shared some of that heritage with us by leaving us a coffee maker from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein. Barney likes to think that's because he has been romancing the man's wife.

He doesn't think its because of the fact he screws off mid-afternoon and lets his workers die.

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Next thing you know Dan show up at the house, because the doc needed some electrical assistance since we all know that alternate reality transporting devices uses untold gigajoules worth of energy, another tremor hits and now both Dan and Carrie are vaporized to the LOST UNIVERSE! Too bad he wasnt bright enough to help somebody off the cliff.

Of course, he still has time to strike a pose, lucky for him the idiot aliens only shoot one at a time. These women are sane, and sick of these douche bags telling them what to do.

Will Starman wet himself with joy at the slaughter, and why the hell haven't you changed the damn channel? And their tired of stirring pots with nothing but air in them. They couldn't put something in those pots, this is such a low-budget movie that they have to stir air?

Meanwhile, old stone-faced Starman finally shows some emotion.

Unfortunately, the emotion is psychotic glee as he takes great pleasure in stealing guns and shooting people.

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