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Within an instance of SQL Server, the database settings can have a direct effect on the database's behavior, performance and availability.

Sometimes, it is difficult to tie a symptom to a cause, so it is wise to routinely check and record these settings.

In addition, if any of the settings have been changed from their default values, you should know which settings have been changed, to what values, and why they were changed.

Knowing this can be very helpful when troubleshooting many SQL Server related problems.

To get you started on performing your Database Properties Health Check, you can run the following script, which will display the settings of each of the database properties for each database on a SQL Server instance.

If you like, you might want to cut the results from SSMS and paste it into a spreadsheet for convenience, but later on, we’ll show you how to create a spreadsheet to do the whole process for you Note that you’ll need to comment out the line ‘is_encrypted AS ‘Encryption Enabled’ ,’ if you wish to run it on SQL Server 2005.

If you find some discrepancies in your database’s settings and the recommendations given in this article, please don’t immediately change your database’s settings without first thinking about the setting and your particular environment.

For a busy DBA, it is often more convenient to have reports like this as Excel documents that can be refreshed from within Excel without needing SSMS and Transact SQL.The Power Shell script to make this happen isn’t that big, but could form the basis of a more complex script for your own particular requirements. It can be downloaded from the bottom of the article, and is in the appendix of this article.There are many different database properties and they are listed alphabetically below.In order to make sure it is up to date, you just need to click ‘Refresh’.After you’ve created the file, you won’t need that Power Shell file again!

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